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Writing the COKO R.Kin Exam? READ THIS

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Looking to write the next Registered Kinesiology COKO Exam?

Or are you already a Registered Kinesiologist in Ontario?

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Are you prepared to write the R.Kin Exam…

Running out of time to study?

Have no one to study or talk about the exam with?

Overwhelmed by all the required textbooks?

Helping Kinesiology students pass the COKO Exam since 2017


Kinformation is an online study resource for students looking to write the COKO Exam in Ontario.

Collecting all the best resources, information, shared knowledge and tips from the past years, Kinformation has created three tools to help students streamline and clarify their studying material for the COKO Exam.

Kinformation Registered Kinesiologist Exam Prep Course

  • This R. Kin Exam Prep course goes section-by-section on the various subjects that will be featured on the exam. Using the study technique of going through each exam question and going in-depth on each topic, this course does all the hard work of breaking each question down. In each section, various definitions and topics will be discussed and expanded. This course is best for those short on time to do the previously explained exam prep technique, did their undergrad in another province or need further help on the exam based on past failures or content uncertainty.

Kinformation Registered Kinesiologist Practice Exam

  • This practice exam best compliments the R. Kin Exam Prep course.
  • Test your knowledge on a new interactive exam written strictly through Kinformation.
  • Includes NEW case studies, scenarios, over 200 multiple choice questions and reasoning behind each answer.

Kinformation Study Group

  • Connect with other students who are writing the next COKO exam. 
  • Within this group, unique resources will be shared. This includes additional study lessons, handouts, quizzes and links will be shared to help you study for the exam. 

Kinformation Free Tools

Free COKO Kinesiology Exam Review- How to study for the exam

Free Exam Study Group for the next COKO Exam

Overall, Kinformation includes:

  • COKO Registered Kinesiologist Study Guide
  • COKO Registered Kinesiologist Practice Exam
  • Kinformation Free Tools and Resources
  • Free Kinesiology Exam Review Course- How to study for the exam
  • Free Exam Study Group for the next COKO Exam


Best for: Those who aren’t prepared for the exam. Recommended if you are behind in studying, do not have time to read all required texts, and need additional support from a mentor or other students.

  • Free Study Guide Course- How to study for the exam
  • Free Exam Study Group for next COKO Exam
  • Kinformation COKO Exam Prep Course
  • Kinformation COKO Practice Exam
  • Access to additional Kinformation resources (Quizzes, Handouts, etc)

For information on the COKO PREP COURSE, please visit:


Best for: Those who have all the information needed on the exam and have time to study but are just looking for additional support from the study group and the study guide course for feedback.

To gain access to the Free Kinformation Resources, please enrol in the Free Study Guide Course and/or take the Free COKO Practice Quiz and join the FREE Exam Study Group for the next COKO Exam.

Have some more questions about Kinformation? Here are some FAQ

What makes Kinformation COKO PREP COURSE worth it?

  • Instead of buying all the recommended textbooks, Kinformation helps to narrow down the information from those recommended resources and summarize the most valuable information. This is all organized and presented in a course that makes it easy to study and make notes. The practice exam is a great tool to complement your studying and lets you test your new knowledge gained from the course. The mentor group gets you access to like-minded students who are studying for the exam. Asking questions that can be immediately answered and being able to have trust-worthy feedback from a mentor will help you be more confident in your studying. Combined all these resources can be difficult to find, Kinformation helps you to spend less time and money so you can focus on studying and succeeding.

What does additional Kinformation resources mean?

  • Kinformation quizzes, handouts, links, etc. Kinformation has created multiple quizzes on different subjects of interest as well as shared specific resources (pdf’s, notes, websites, etc) that will streamline your exam studying so you can focus on the important topics.

COKO Study Group?

  • This is a group for individuals who have are writing the next COKO exam. You will have direct contact with a COKO mentor who will be able to answer and share with you any information/notes/tips about this exam and previous versions. This is the forum where the additional Kinformation resources will be shared.

Kinformation Practice Exam?

  • The Kinformation COKO Practice Exam is meant to compliment the Kinformation COKO Exam Prep Course. This means that the COKO Practice Exam should be written before the exam and be used as a tool to test your knowledge from the course. Users who only purchase the Kinformation Mentor Pack will be able to access the exam.

Past Student Testimonials

“This resource is very helpful! Use the resources provided to help you with the exam and your studying process. Ask any questions because Spencer and Kinformation is there to help!”

Western UniversityKinesiology Student, 2017

“The content on Kinformation was really helpful for me to prepare for the R.Kin exam. It provides quizzes which you can study from and they are prompt at replying back to any inquiries and questions you may have regarding the exam”

Guelph UniversityHuman Kinetics Student, 2017

“Great resource! This was helpful in terms of providing support and guidance for studying for the COKO exam”

University of Toronto, Kinesiology Student, 2017


- “Very helpful! Shows he cares a lot about helping us who are writing the exam with being very responsive and informative during the exam. Also had great tips and points to help us excel on the exam.”

- “Keep up the good work. This definitely helped in terms of providing support and guidance of what to study, Thank you!”

- “Great resource! This was helpful in terms of providing support and guidance for studying for the COKO exam.”

- “Definitely very helpful! Spencer was quick to respond to any questions and the practice test was similar to the exam.”

If you have any further questionsā€‹ about Kinformation, please email [email protected] for more information.

Spencer at Kinformation

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