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What is Kinformation?

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What is Kinformation?

Kinformation is an online education resource for kinesiology students writing the COKO RKin Exam.

Our Story

  • The idea for Kinformation started back in 2017. Upon graduating from his Degree in Kinesiology, Spencer looked into writing his COKO Registered Kinesiologist exam. He discovered there was not much information about what to expect on the exam or even with the profession of Kinesiology itself. After doing some research, he gathered many resources for himself to help him study.
  • After writing and passing the exam he knew many other people would be struggling to find the same information about the exam and the profession. Later that year he created a Facebook group for people interested in writing the exam so they can all share resources and information. There it was discovered that there was so much information that was “required” for the exam seen in the recommended textbooks and a lack of quality practice exams or exam resources to specify what to focus on for the exam.
  • Kinformation was created to help students be more efficient in their studying by gathering the best resources and information available to streamline the process of studying.
  • Within Kinformation, there is a COKO Exam Prep Course, COKO Study Guide Course, COKO Practice Exam and COKO Study Group.
  • In the future we aim to become a leader in the continued education for Registered Kinesiologists in Ontario by helping students write the entry-to-practice exam and beyond.

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