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The role of a Kinesiologist in a Physiotherapy clinic in Ontario

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After working at a clinic for a while now and talking to a couple of other Kinesiologist’s that work in a clinic setting, I have compiled a list of what Kin’s do at a physio clinic.

Roles of the Kinesiologist included:

  • Help physio clients with exercises
  • Maintain gym area (clean/restock)
  • Monitor clients exercising in the gym
  • Keep track of the clients exercises on an exercise card
  • Apply modalities to clients (Ice, Heat, Ultrasound, etc)
  • Functional evaluations (Lifting, Carry, Push/Pull)
  • Cover front desk or administration support


Essentially, the Kinesiologist in a physio clinic works more as a support to the physio and the clinic itself. Depending on the clinic, some Kinesiologist’s have more autonomy and have their own caseload. Before becoming a regulated health profession, Kin’s have almost always worked in a physio support role. Today, I have seen numerous Kinesiology clinic/gyms open up providing Kinesiology services which is promising for this young profession. Until the profession becomes more established, it will continue to be more of a support role.

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