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Pros and Cons of being an R.Kin in Ontario

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Since becoming a regulated health profession, Kinesiology has been slowly moving toward more public awareness. Campaigns by the COKO, CKA and OKA have helped push this along. With that awareness, more students are writing the COKO exam and becoming Registered Kinesiologists. But many of them don’t know what to expect. Below are the pros and cons of being an R.Kin in Ontario.


  • Work with many different types of clients, from very functional to very limited and its interesting to help them progress to the next step.
  • Get to work as a regulated health professional right after you graduate (and write the exam).
  • Able to work in a clinical and non-clinical setting
  • Totally new health profession, so all new comers can help shape and decide the future of how Kin will be used.


  • Not many insurance plans cover Kinesiology services so sometimes it is difficult to build caseload.
  • With a lower caseload sometimes you find yourself helping the physio’s a lot in a similar role as a PTA.
  • Not many people know what R.Kins do or what they are, so awareness of what Kinesiologists do in Ontario is still unknown (I personally can't really tell you specifically what they do because they do a lot of things)
  • Doctors have yet to buy in to the exercise as medicine idea, so not many doctors prescribe exercise by a kinesiologist as treatment.

My Thoughts

Today, I have seen numerous Kinesiology clinic/gyms open up providing Kinesiology services which is promising for this young profession. Like most of my thoughts, Kinesiology as a regulated health profession will take time for it to be truly recognized province wide. Some insurance companies and workplaces are starting to incorporate Kinesiology as a choice under extended health benefits. More recently, Kinesiologists can work as a primary care provider for some WSIB POCS (Programs of Care). This is a start but until then it will continue to be tough for new R.Kins to make a mark until it becomes more recognized by the public.

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