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My first experience working as a Kinesiologist in a Physio Clinic

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Continuation from article: How I got a job as a Kinesiologist in Ontario: 

My first day in the clinic I was introduced to all the admin staff, Physiotherapist’s, and other Kinesiologist’s. I shadowed the working Kinesiologist for the day to get a feel for how the clinic works. The experience was similar but different then what I experienced at the pre-employment shadowing I did at another clinic. As I walked around with the Kinesiologist I was shown all the different things the Kin is responsible for.

Essentially, the Kinesiologist in this clinic worked more as a support to the physio. We would monitor people working in the gym to make sure they had proper form and help them set up exercises. We would track their progress using exercise cards and usually use a modality before they left. If the physio had an assessment we would take the client early to a room to take their blood pressure.

My volunteer experience before this job really helped me feel comfortable seeing/teaching the exercises, using modalities and being in a clinic environment. After a few weeks I felt fairly comfortable in my role. It really helped me become comfortable going up to people and talking to them. The first few times were tough but after a while you sort of use the same starting line whenever you have to introduce yourself to people.

Being a new Kin this setting was very comfortable for me. Essentially I learned from the physio’s about different therapeutic exercises and how to teach them to the client’s. I was always instructed what to do which made it easier for me since I really didn’t know what I was doing. Most people start with the same basic exercises so after watching the other kin or the physio teaching them a few times, I quickly felt confident in teaching others.

Thoughts: Not as independent as I initially thought- most of the time helping Physio’s. Used more as a supporting role to the Physiotherapist’s and Occupational Therapist’s. Pretty straight forward in terms of daily duties. Good for new Kinesiologist’s or Kinesiology students looking to volunteer.

Hopefully this helps,

Spencer at Kinformation

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