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How to Create a Resume for Physiotherapy Clinics as a Registered Kinesiologist in Ontario

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Are you a kinesiology student looking to create a resume for placement?

Did you write and pass the COKO exam and plan on applying to a job with your new R.Kin designation?

This article was created to help new kinesiologists, recently successful candidates of the COKO Exam and any kinesiology students looking to jump ahead. The goal of the article is to show you different examples of potential resumes to your future employers.

The most important things your employer will look for on a resume are:

  • Education: Completion of COKO exam and/or registration with the COKO college as an R.Kin.
  • Previous Experience: (whether that’s practicals, placements, relevant job experience, etc) — to show experience beyond schooling.
  • Skills/Certifications: (certificates of courses) to show you are educated beyond schooling.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Custom/ personalized resume and cover letter specifically applying for the (potential) job at their clinic.


When creating a resume for a potential employer, it is important to indicate you have acquired the proper education and registration to be applicable to the job. Some employers may be okay to hire you at first as an exercise therapist before you get your R.Kin certification. Make this part clear in either your objective or cover letter. Your odds of landing the job are higher if you already have the R.Kin certification/ registration with the COKO/practice insurance compared to if they have to wait for this process to happen.

In my experience when I applied to my position, I told them that I had successfully passed my exam but have yet to pay the fee for the college registration/insurance. My employer was good to hire me at first as an exercise therapist so I could begin training while the registration/ insurance papers went through.

However, this scenario is not the case if you are applying for a position that is already established and they are actively looking to get someone right back into that role. My initial role was a part-time support so they had the time/ability to train me first and be patient while I gathered my paperwork.

I would definitely recommend for anyone reading this article to make sure to have your R.Kin certification and practice insurance if you are ACTIVELY SEEKING a position.

Previous Experience

This part is important to show you are ready for the position. If your employer is able to easily see that your previous roles/experience match their recruiting criteria than your chances for an interview significantly increase. Depending on the role, some employers are hiring new grads and others are looking for years of experience already.

Regardless, making sure you only put RELEVANT EXPERIENCE on this resume. Relevant in terms of matching their criteria for this role and what experience you bring. Making sure your experience meets that criteria shows that this resume isn’t just a generic one that is sent out to everyone on indeed.

I would recommend matching RELEVANT job, placement, and practical experience to the current job you are applying for.


Beyond experience, employers will look at (again) RELEVANT skills and certifications that match the current job opening. Emphasizing your skill set and what you bring to the team are important when looking for a candidate.

Specific jobs will require different certifications. Especially in the healthcare industry, most skills are shown in the form of a certification (FMS, FCE, CSEP, etc). It is important to have these certifications prior to applying.

Skill set on the other hand is easier to attain as it is your current skills that you bring to the team that are unique (Exercise prescription, exercise programming, etc). These are not “official” skills that you can get, but are a way to endorse yourself to the employer that are PERSONAL.

I would recommend putting RELEVANT certifications that are required of the job and PERSONAL skills that you can bring to the employer that are unique to you as a person.

PERSONAL Cover Letter, CUSTOM Resume, RELEVANT Information

Combining all the above points, the most important thing to do is create a personal cover letter, custom resume and use relevant information.

Personal Cover Letter

  • Find out who is the person reading the resume, whether it is someone at HR, the clinic manager, or a third party. To shown your intentions, address the cover letter to this person. It will get a lot more attention than the classic “To Whom This May Concern.”
  • Introduce yourself and your relevant information that makes you a candidate for the job (Have all the job requirements and hopefully the optional ones too).
  • Make sure to have a section that explains why you are the best candidate for the job, but do not base it on the above job requirements. This is your chance to make this part personal to you as a person that sets you apart. Everyone applying is going to have those job requirements so why are you any different. Be unique, be creative, but most of all be yourself and show some of your personality while not compromising your professional appearance.

Custom Resume and Relevant Information

  • Organize your resume as it was specifically being created for this job.
  • Using only relevant information that pertains to this job, make sure it flows well between sections.
  • This part should be very concise and to the point. More explanations and details can be given during the interview.

Extra Tip: LinkedIN

  • We live in a post COVID Digital Era, make sure all your social profiles especially LinkedIN are updated and professional
  • Organize your resume like a LinkedIN profile.

Below are some examples of resumes:


Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything. We'd also like to hear your thoughts about this subject.

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